Take Hold    4:06
(Brenda Linton/North Shores Music/BMI)

I don’t win and I don’t lose.
All I do is get the blues
each night. 
While such fight is going on in your head
and in my bed
‘cause you don’t want to take hold.

You don’t go and you don’t stay.
My love pours out and flows away
It’s such a ruse to think you can put it off,
absorb the cost
while you don’t want to take hold.

Do you really think to be a man you have to suffer?
Could you be content to be a dime novel lover?
Are you so convinced you have to trade in your soul
in order to reach out and take hold?

It won’t break and it won’t mend.
Why did I fall in love again
too soon.
Another June might have to come and go by
while you still cry
that you don’t want to take hold.