(Brenda Linton/North Shores Music, BMI)

Poverty has no heart, it wanders blind.
Like Pharaoh's soldiers it destroys our hopes and leaves misery behind.
Security is stalking freedom on the earth.
Our children robbed of their inheritance, is that what you think it's worth?
Is that what's it's worth?

We want justice now.
We want justice now.

As time unwinds and we find our destiny,
your father's fortune and your mother's perfect pearls only paste will be.
And the greed and lies that brought your family high
will weigh you down and bind your spirit to the earth when it tries to fly.
It will not fly.

We want justice now.
Like a bloodhound with her nose to the ground.
We're seeking justice now.
Like lightning we will follow you down.

They were at the kitchen table when he told them the news.
He left an American flag and a message from you.
A father's pride, a mother's loving pearl
sank like a stone to the bottom of the world,
sank like a stone to the bottom of the world.

When life's memories flow down at death's command,
we will come face to face with all the trusting souls
who suffered at our hands.
Will you remember me and the sacrifice I made?
Will you finally understand how high a price we all have paid?

Our fathers have paid.
Our mothers have paid.
Our daughters have paid.
Our sons have paid.

BRENDA LINTON: lead & supporting vocals, acoustic guitars
PAUL LEECH: acoustic bass, mandolin, pennywhistle.