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Brenda Linton draws from folk, roots, and blues music to create songs that are haunting yet gutsy in laying bare life’s truths and mysteries. The wide range of Linton's vocal abilities and her effortless connection with the audience result in live performances that are both uplifting and deeply moving.  Linton's a capella renditions of Appalachian and Celtic ballads are show-stoppers that leave listeners mesmerized by the purity of her voice and musical spirit.

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Read Brenda's travelogue and view pictures from her springtime tour of Ireland.

Listen to Brenda and The Kinglets
recorded live on WUNC-FM's
"The State of Things" with Frank Stasio
 Friday, May 27, 2011


Sparkle Plenty

Listen to complete tracks from Sparkle Plenty and watch Brenda's video "No Reason at All" on Youtube!
Review of "Sparkle Plenty"

“A back road ride straight to Heartbreak Hotel, SPARKLE PLENTY has more perspectives on the heart than an episode of 'House.' Very well produced, Linton covers a lot of ground stylistically, flying effortlessly from folk to blues and even classical. Does it sparkle?  Plenty.”
   Jeff Reid~ The Beat    Magazine ~ November    2010

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Review of "The Secret"

"Living along a river, one comes to appreciate the sound of authentic, heart-felt folk music. Brenda Linton's album, "The Secret", thoroughly captures the grass-roots, independent sound that the music industry so badly needs in the 21st century. Listening, one is transported, by Linton's melodic voice, back to a time when the world was truer to itself and music was judged by talent rather then fashion."
   Dan Parsons ~ Washington    Daily News ~ January 2007

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