Bargain Love
(Brenda Linton/North Shores Music/BMI)

He wants to buy a little conversation
He hopes to trade his checkbook for some friendly compensation
So anxious to please, so eager to be teased and oh, she's such a willing imitation

Look at all the people buy and sell
Look at all the people walking in and out of hell
And so a bribe is made, another lonely heart is laid to rest

His pretty bluebird wants a silver spoon
And when it's bought she promises to sing his favorite tune
The trade is fair and neither seems to care about the cost

Statues walking past each other in the rain
And on each face is stamped an image of the boredom and the pain
Afraid to touch and so they clutch at bargain love

BRENDA LINTON: lead and backing vocals, acoustic piano
DWIGHT LITTLE: electric bass
ED BUTLER: drums
RICHARD SCOVILLE: flute, soprano sax
SHAWN ALDRIDGE: electric guitar
EMY SCOVILLE: backing vocals
ROBERT HUDSON: backing vocals